Submission Rules

Submission Rules

No Copyrighted Content

We do not allow the posting of any content that was not created by you. If you are not the creator of a video, do not post it. No rips from copyrighted videos, music, images, or other media. If you post any copyrighted material, we will be forced to remove the material from the site. If you repeatedly attempt to post copyrighted material, you may be banned from any future uploads.

No Hateful Content

We do not allow hate speech or any content that promotes the discrimination of individuals based on race, gender, disability, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, or any other factor. Posting of such material is grounds for a ban from the site. We support the rights to free speech, and that will be reflected in the comment section of the videos. Friendly debate is not an issue as long as it is kept civil and respectful. Any hate speech or discrimination in the comments section is grounds for a ban.

No Shocking or Disturbing Content

We define shocking and disturbing content as anything that is intended to create a sense of revulsion or shock to the viewer. This includes, but is not limited to, graphic displays of violence, death, and gore. No descriptions of shocking or disturbing content will be allowed in the comments section. Keep the site clean and positive. The only exception to the shocking and disturbing rule is in the case of news, and even as such, the actual views of the graphic content should be incredibly limited.

No Explicit Content

We do not allow sexually explicit content of any kind. This includes pornography, as well as content promoting or providing sexual products and services. Additionally, we do not allow any sort of artistic or non-sexual nudity.

No Illegal Content

We do not allow the posting of illegal content, or content which contains or promotes illegal activities. Posting of such content will not only result in a ban from this site, but you will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Keep It Family Friendly

This is a family-friendly site. If you wish to post a video you would not show to a teenager, please do not post it. If there is any question of whether you would show it to a teenager, please do not post it. Keep the site clean and positive.